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Engaging with a C-Level Executive, Part II - Be Prepared, Be Very Prepared!

Now that you’ve done the initial prep for your meeting with the C-Suite, the real work is set to begin. Namely, preparing the agenda and assembling the messages and the team. You can do all the best initial preparations, but if you don’t have the meeting messages and agenda down, as well as the right team assembled, your meeting will not be optimized.

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Customer, Customer, Customer

I’ve been selling and been in front of senior executive clients for the better part of 20 years. I’ve had some exemplary sales training, as at IBM and elsewhere, but some of my best ‘teachers’ have been my clients who have taught me over the years what it looks like to earn their business and their trust. Follows are a few of my thoughts on ‘mistakes’ I see that companies make when engaging with clients and ultimately trying to sell and move their products and capabilities.

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