Konposit C-Level Sales Consulting
Konposit provides sales strategy and sales execution support to leading technology firms in the US and abroad, specializing in C-Level messaging and engagement.

C-Level Sales Consulting Services

C-Level Sales Consulting

for Technology Firms

Sales Consulting Specialty Areas


Sales Messaging

Clients' buy when we best understand their business, needs and opportunities. Let us work with you to transform your sales messaging, such as proposals, pitch decks and case studies, so it matches your clients' needs and expectations. We write content from scratch or work to enhance what you already have, as we did at data science firm, Haave.io. Targeted, value-based messaging is key. We help you develop the right value propositions, for your desired audience. We have extensive expertise with RFP submissions and decades of experience developing value propositions and messaging for the C-Suite.

Partnerships and alliances

Partnerships done right act as a multiplying force. They can help extend the sales force and land new clients and business. Let us work with you to assess and analyze alliances opportunities in-market and develop a plan to engage with the right partners to help accelerate your business. We have contacts at all the major partners, from IBM to SAP to Deloitte. We work with you to get connected to the right people and start building out a new pipeline of opportunities.


interim sales leadership

Take the time needed to find the right sales leadership and allow us to act in an interim capacity while you find the right resources. Our team has deep experience in technology, including new technology areas, such as cognitive and AI, and has a wealth of experience and background in sales and sales leadership at both large companies and small. We act as an interim sales leader and work to develop new opportunities, close in-process deals and help you vet permanent candidates, if desired.  

Sales & new pipeline generation

Who doesn't want a bigger sales pipeline? The fact is, we all do. Let us do the work to get you connected to the right audiences for your capabilities and ultimately, sell more. We have particular expertise in engaging at the C-Level and have years of experience building large pipelines from scratch. We can do everything from initial meeting setup to client management and engagement. We can manage the breadth of the sales arc or only get involved at certain stages as you may need.

sales coaching

We are all not 'born' sales people. Some of us need a little help and guidance to shore up these skills. We provide coaching on leads and live deals, either from behind the scenes or be customer-facing, and can help develop customer personas and call messaging and scripts. We also help you develop sales material and collateral or fine tune the content you already have. Further, we have decades of complex pursuit management experience and and can help you best prepare for both formal and informal customer meetings and pursuits; our expertise is far reaching and includes everything from win messaging to team selection.

sales strategy and go-to-market

The road to sales success starts out with a well thought out plan. Let us help you develop or fine tune your sales strategy. Which customers and segments should I be targeting? Which roles and decision makers should I focus on? How should I target them and what messages should I target them with? We help you look at these questions and more as well as delineate and define your go-to-market channels and strategy.


Learning Journeys

London. Shanghai. Paris. Silicon Valley. These are just a few of the markets we serve with our learning journeys. Meet with and learn from industry leaders about cutting-edge retail practices and use cases that can accelerate your success and grow your business. A learning journey is an opportunity to see first-hand innovative practices and technologies in leading retail markets around the world.

lunch & dinner events

These events are a great way to connect with clients and prospects in an informal setting and meet key decision-makers. A topic is posed that is relevant and timely in the industry and that the attendees will find interesting. These discussions are meant to build brand awareness, provide marketing outreach and connect your firm with new C-level executives.