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Sales as a Strategic Priority

Why is Sales a Strategic Priority?

Guest Contributor, Charles Lutz, CEO and Owner, LutzSales Limited, Zurich Switzerland

Ouray in Colorado is referred to as “Switzerland of America.” As such Tracy and Charles got on the phone one day and reflected on issues companies are grappling with in the sales realm – in the US and in Europe. Regardless of culture, business environments, and cycles, customers all over the world show very similar traits: They do business with people they like and trust!

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer”.

~Peter Drucker

Growing the top line is crucial to the success and the value of your company and should be viewed as a strategic priority for the executive board.

Your company has to find new target customers and explain why they should consider your company’s offerings.

Your existing customers have to be looked after in order to secure established revenue streams.

Your influencers and channel partners need to be leveraged in order to assist in driving pursuits forward.

In all cases, a pro-active approach has to be adopted to find opportunities for engagements.

It all starts with an analysis of your strategic as-is position, without succumbing to paralysis under the leadership of the CEO.

Topics to be reviewed / redefined are:

·       Market Strategy – Which markets are you or should you be competing in?

·       Customer Strategy – What does your IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE look like?

·       Offerings Strategy – What offerings appeal to your customers?

·       Sales & Marketing Strategy – What does the set-up look like? Who are you targeting and why.

·       Communication Strategy – WHY YOU?

The importance of getting in early means crafting WHY messages to approach identified new ideal profiles and customers. Evidence suggests those who enter the fray early, have a better opportunity to set the agenda and the direction for discovery.

Most complex, enterprise business-to-business sales projects today require a strategic team selling approach led by orchestrators to marshal resources in matrix organizations and align them to the buyer’s organization.

Professional selling is team work. It is all about engaging, listening, and assisting others to solve their challenges or improve things. And, it is all about building and maintaining relationships – people do business with people they like and trust!

Conclusion: a comprehensive and longer-term three-to-five year rolling sales strategy, coupled with tight sales leadership and management has to be crafted to be able to compete in today’s complex B2B and globalised world. It also means a willingness to invest substantial resources in money, time, people, and effort – in making this happen.

Peter Drucker was right: “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer”.

Sales is a STRATEGIC PRIORITY. PRO-ACTIVITY drives top line revenue growth and thus increases the VALUE of your company.

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